Zanzibar is one of the best holiday destinations in Africa. It seem to be one of world`s last paradises. Zanzibar consists of several islands with the largest Islands called Unguja and Pemba. The whole archipelago is surrounded by small unique islands.

You will find here various excursion destinations like amazing beaches, colorful reefs, historical places, cultural experience, relaxing atmosphere and delicious seafood. It will be an impressive and unique holiday.

Nungwi Aquarium Adventures want to show you this paradise of earth and let you feel to be a part of it. We offer a large variety of tours over the whole island for you. Cultural interaction and sharing of adventures will offer us an unforgettable experience. We are quite happy to discuss your requirements and to provide you useful information for your trip on the island. Come and explore Zanzibar`s hidden places with us!

Why should you visit Zanzibar?

Unique cultural mixture
Full of life, joy and happiness
Fascinating history and vibrant culture
Beautiful landscape
Great and various types of accommodation
Museum and galleries
Delicious coffee and tea
Local food markets
Unique environment like Red Colobus monkey
Freshly caught seafood
Unspoiled weather and climate
White sand and beautiful beaches
Super romantic places
And much much more …. Come and find out for yourself